Outsourcing Dental Lab Work & Services

Dental Lab Outsourcing

cheap dental labOutsourcing dental lab work means there is an opportunity for growth within the dental lab. When dental labs start to think about outsourcing services, the first thing that may come to mind is “cheap”. There are a variety of reasons why dental labs choose to outsource and why it could be beneficial to your dental lab. The work in China has the quality and service you may be looking for. Many labs are just looking for that “cheap” crown, but our dental lab doesn’t believe in just a cheap crown. Our services go far beyond cheap. In China, our lab produces work that is affordable and functional, not to mention esthetically pleasing.

Our China dental lab outsourcing services are to benefit you as a dental lab. Cornerstone Direct wants to be a partner you can count on. The goal is for you to be proud to put your dental lab name on it.  We wouldn’t want you to have a crown that you wouldn’t want a family member to have. We think that our work speaks for itself.

Cheap Dental Lab

Cheap crowns are easy to come by, but the services, people and relationship that Cornerstone Direct creates is anything but cheap.

vietnam dental lab

Whether you are interested in porcelain fused to metal, all ceramic restorations, removables or orthodontics, Cornerstone Direct can do it all.  We are a full service dental lab. We work with all types of cases, and we are lucky to have our CDT available at all times to get difficult cases solved with communication through email, phone or Skype. This is what sets us apart from other outsourcing labs.  We have the communication built into the lab in China.  We have our inside person, looking over our client’s cases.  IF there is an issue, you will be the first to know, and promptly, so it is taken care of quickly and that you can notify your doctors and patients immediately for whatever it is the case may need.

By outsourcing, you are benefiting your lab, your doctors and your patients.  You are getting a quality product, with outstanding service and the ability to free more time in your home lab and bring more client and revenue in.  It is a growing experience, and we would love to be a part of the growing process and really help you soar to new heights as a dental lab.