Make a Profit in 2017 By Choosing to Partner with Cornerstone Direct Wholesale

With another year coming to an end, and 2017 fast approaching, we know that many of you will be looking for ways to help your smaller, privately-owned dental lab make an even bigger profit, and, of course, keep your customer base happy.

Make a Profit in 2017 by Choosing Us as Your Dental Lab Outsourcing Partner

If you weren’t aware, smaller dental labs have been outsourcing their dental lab work to facilities overseas for the past couple of decades. While you may think that choosing to outsource is a risky decision, it’s anything but risky. Even though the industry does have its fair share of bad eggs, the benefits that you see from opting to outsource your dental lab work will actually depend on the company who becomes your partner.

If you want to outsource your dental lab work anytime in 2017, we at Cornerstone Direct Wholesale promise to deliver on all of our promises.

Smaller dental labs or other organizations that choose us as their dental lab outsourcing partner should not only expect us to meet their product demands, but to offer them quality and affordable dentures, crowns, and many other products regularly produced by dental laboratories here in the United States. In fact, if you’re still uncertain about whether or not we’re the right company for you, consider the following:

We are in regular communication with our overseas facilities.

We email, call, and speak with the head techs and owners of the labs daily, as well as send David Drag, the head of our removable department and CDT, over yearly to train and help our dedicated technicians do the best work possible. We also have the owner of each overseas facility come to the U.S. to see our structure and workflow to help keep everything consistent.

We make sure our technicians are constantly educated and have the tools they need to work.

Just as every industry evolves, so does ours. Therefore, expect our overseas technicians to have the knowledge and tools to get their jobs done right.

In an industry where your clients expect their products quickly, Cornerstone Direct Wholesale is the perfect partner for you to give them what they want faster than ever. To learn more about us, our services, or our overseas facilities, please call us or fill out a contact form right here on our site.