Expect Fast and Affordable Dental Lab Outsourcing Services from Cornerstone Direct Wholesale Throughout 2017

Are you worried that the change in administration will affect our ability to provide you with the same fast and affordable dental lab outsourcing services you’ve come to rely on time and time again?

Well, we’re here to tell you that no, they won’t be affected, and we will continue providing you with excellent outsourcing services all throughout 2017.

The partnerships we have with the dental labs in Vietnam will remain strong and safe.

Since the beginning, our biggest priority has been to ensure that we are partnered with reputable overseas dental labs in Vietnam. Another priority of ours has also been to make certain a member of our United States team would go over there to train.

Throughout the year, one of our CDTs meets with our overseas team in Vietnam to make sure they are working according to both PTC standards and our standards. This technician also goes over there to discuss the importance of quality control. Whenever this technician is not overseas, he’s also in regular communication with our overseas teams via phone, email or Skype.

Our partnerships will allow our outsourcing services to remain affordable.

Rest assured that there will be little change in regards to how much you pay for your dental lab products. In fact, we are pleased to announce that come February, we will be offering our PFMs, flexi and full dentures, e.Max crowns and many other products for some great prices. If you’d like to find out when they’ll be available, please be sure to check out LMT Magazine in February.

Why choose Cornerstone Direct Wholesale as your dental lab outsourcing partner in 2017 if you haven’t already?

Simply put, we will help you to stay in business, keep your customers or patients happy and help you make an even bigger profit. Even though choosing to outsource may sound like a risky business venture moving forward, it won’t be if you choose our dental lab outsourcing services.

No matter what’s in store for our future with the change in administration, we will do our best to provide you with the fastest and most affordable dental lab outsourcing services. To learn more about what we can do, please browse our site or give us a call.