China Dental Products

china dental productsProducts that are made by our China outsourcing lab are complementary to the same products we make here in the United States. The dental products our lab in China produce are reflective of our core values, quality, aesthetics and function. China dental products range from fixed, removables and orthodontics. We are a full service lab. Whether you are looking for a simple PFM, a full denture complete, or an essix retainer, we have those china dental products available. The advantage we have with our China dental products is that we are able to create the products in a more time efficient manner. Unfortunately, when we are in the states, we are not able to produce restorations around the clock in order to get them back to you faster. But in China, we have shifts where there is a team constantly working on your dental restorations so that we can meet the demand and time frame you and your dentists are looking for. Our dental products are highly quality controlled. Cornerstone Direct is always looking at the products to make sure that the contacts are correct, or the bite is in occlusion, we want to cut out repairs and remakes as best as possible. Cornerstone Direct wants to check and correct issues before products leave the lab, we don’t want to burden you or the patient, we want to make sure what you are getting is something you are honored to have and that the patient is satisfied. Our CDT that we have hired from the United States is consistent in communication with us here, you the lab or practice and with his team of technicians working on our cases. Our goal is to help you with overflow and to grow your business.  Cornerstone Direct is a partner that is willing to work hard for your lab or practice. We want to meet the time constraints and get the cases back to you in a fast turn- around time, we want to give you a quality to be proud of, and we want to be the lab that you call and say, “Wow this case went great”.  Let us be that lab answers your worries of “how can we get this done” or “how can we handle this volume”.