Become a Bigger and Better Dental Lab by Using Cornerstone Direct Wholesale to Obtain Removables

Is it your goal to (slowly and carefully) become a full-service dental lab, offer products you might not make (such as removables), provide your clients with quality products faster, and keep things affordable?

If it is, or the thought of expanding your dental lab business sounds anything but enticing, we here at Cornerstone Direct Wholesale are exactly who you need!

Our removables—whether they are being made by our dental lab in China, or right here in the U.S.A, stand out, and it will show in the patient’s smile.

Some of the benefits of choosing us for your removables include, but are not limited to, our variety of flexible materials, acrylics, frameworks, and just the amount of options we have in general. What’s more, if you’re wondering what material you should provide a particular client/patient with, our technicians will be more than happy discuss their needs in more detail over the phone, email, or Skype.

What are some other reasons why you might want to choose Cornerstone Direct Wholesale as your outsourcing partner?

If you read through the rest of the blogs posted here on our site, you will find an endless amount of reasons why you should. But, if you were wondering what were some of the top, here is a list of the “best of the best:”

You can compete with the big guys.

Oftentimes, smaller dental labs don’t stay in business as long as others because they have fewer technicians. However, if you choose us, you’ll have a countless number of technicians producing the products you need faster and for an affordable price…which leads us to the next reason…

Affordable service, and quick turnaround times.

Not only are our prices economical, but our affordable products are produced quickly. Both of these things are possible because it doesn’t cost as much to operate overseas as it does here at home.

Consistent quality.

Just because is it “cheaper” to operate overseas, it doesn’t mean that our products are “cheap.” In fact, we take great pride in the ability of our overseas partner to produce the same quality of products that we do here at our office in Eastern Pennsylvania.

To learn more about how you can begin outsourcing your dental lab work with us, grow bigger and increase revenue, please dial 1-800-405-7612, or browse through our site!