About Us

At Cornerstone Direct, we have some things that make us stand out. We stand out by providing our own highly trained team specifically for our cases in our manufacturing facility.

The highly trained technicians at our manufacturing facility value quality as much as you do. Our technicians are paid by piecework. They want to get your case right the first time, because all of our restorations come with a complete 100% lifetime guarantee.

We are a full service lab with our technicians trained in all sorts of fixed, removable, implant and ortho appliances.

With the ever growing amount of pressures that today’s dental lab faces, the modern dental lab must become an expert in logistics along with manufacturing. We can fill the gaps in your manufacturing process or be the one stop shopping. We strive to process your cases as quickly as possible with different logistic options with shipping in the states or you shipping direct.

Our customer service expertise can help you with something as simple as getting you information on a case or setting you up with FedEx for shipping direct.